Pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) or spectrum disorders commonly present with a great deal of variation and potential challenges regarding large motor movements like walking, running, jumping and organized activities.

Children with spectrum diagnoses often have sensory system related issues that make taking weight through their joints or surface and texture changes uncomfortable. We have found that by using the systems model of disability we can prioritize which of your child's systems, including the environment, that are preventing the movement you would like them to accomplish.

We are confident that we can assist your child's motor development by individualizing a movement plan that targets the necessary bodily systems while taking into account the unique qualities of your child with spectrum related challenges.

By integrating structured movement and organized sensory input with your daily routines we have experienced good success at improving motor performance while decreasing unwanted behaviors in your child. Our comprehensive family education component is always designed to be practical and effective by training necessary friends and family and professionals to ensure the best chance at movement success.