Physical Therapy Services

  • Free 15 minute phone consultation for first-time encounter
  • Physical Therapy Evaluation
  • Physical Therapy Treatment
  • Training events for parents and groups
  • Phone consultation with parents and other health professionals
  • Public speaking

Philosophies & Methods

Our treatment model is based on over 15 years of successful changes in children with movement disorders. We believe in a strong neurodevelopmental foundation combined with the principles of motor control, motor learning and motor development. We enjoy the fun in efficient problem solving, while taking into account your child’s bodily systems and functional abilities along with your family and the community where you live.

Our intervention begins with a sound Physical Therapy Evaluation that is focused on the functional abilities of your child. By examining your child’s characteristics and movement tendencies along with their bodily systems that may be impaired, we are able to prioritize how to proceed with the most effective treatment to meet your goals.

Our Plans of Care integrate the findings of the evaluation with the family dynamic, culture and other professionals involved to provide a treatment structure that is very effective.

Our primary objective is to meet the goals that you, your family and your child have established. Our high rate of achievement comes from our unique approach of treating at the exact location that gives us the best chance at success given the needs of your child. These include but are not limited to: our clinic, your home, grandma’s house, community parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, hiking trails, ski resorts, swimming pools, daycare centers, preschools and so forth.

As we build upon your skill and ability to work alongside us with your child and by providing you with more options regarding locations and activities, we have found that you and your child will continue to develop a strong bond and excel in meeting your movement goals.

In addition to skilled treatment our focused parent training paired with key products and timely information completes a comprehensive program Where Movement Happens!